[LAU] PianoBooster is back! V1.0.0 is released and a new website.

Roger gurusonic at gmail.com
Mon Dec 14 14:55:42 CET 2020

On 14/12/20 8:29 am, Louis B. wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> PianoBooster is back!  It has been a very long time since there has 
> been an announcement about PianoBooster posted to this list and there 
> have been lots of changes. First there is a brand new website see 
> https://www.pianobooster.org/ <https://www.pianobooster.org/> and the 
> official source code has just moved to a new GitHub repo. See 
> https://github.com/pianobooster/PianoBooster 
> <https://github.com/pianobooster/PianoBooster> so please update your 
> URLs to point to this new website and repo.
> Piano Booster is an Open Source program that helps with playing the 
> piano and learning to sight read music. It's key feature is that it 
> listens and follows what you are playing on the piano and waits for 
> you to find and play the right notes. It helps you with this by giving 
> you audio feedback. So if you play a wrong note then that note will 
> have the Harpsichord sound but the right notes
> will have the Piano sound.
> The new features in this release is a built-in FluidSynth sound 
> generator which makes it much easier to use. Also included are two 
> music courses, Please see https://www.pianobooster.org/music-info.html 
> <https://www.pianobooster.org/music-info.html>
> For a video demonstration see:
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGbfm8Tv-20 
> <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGbfm8Tv-20>
> PianoBooster is licensed under GPL and runs on Linux, Windows and the Mac.
> PianoBooster is available from: https://www.pianobooster.org 
> <https://www.pianobooster.org> .
> Thanks
> Louis

Very cool! I've been looking for something like this to continue my 
unimpressive attempt at learning to play keyboard.

I downloaded the appimage and it worked well with ALSA but had 
occasional glitches with Pulseaudio. So I built it from source with JACK 
support with even less success - ALSA still was fine, PA would not work, 
and I couldn't even work out how to get JACK working as it didn't offer 
it as a choice in the Fluidsynth output dropdown. I can live with ALSA 
but usually run JACK or PA with room correction EQ which is rather 
difficult with ALSA.

Where is the best place for support questions, here, forum, or Github 

I also dislike the containerised applications trend, but where flatpak 
and snap require a separate runtime installation appimage doesn't and is 
fully enclosed in a single package so I consider it the least worst.

Cheers, Roger

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