[LAU] Pulseaudio: connecting output to particular jack outputs

Christopher Arndt chris at chrisarndt.de
Sun Dec 27 22:36:48 CET 2020

Am 27.12.20 um 22:17 schrieb Jeanette C.:
> is there a way to tell PulseAudio to connect to two SPECIFIC ports, like:
> system:playback_17 and system:playback_18 instead of the default which
> is _1 and _2 ?
> I know the output module is called jack_out, but I didn't find any info
> on options.

The module is called module-jack-sink and its documentation is here:


Here's the relevant option:


    Takes a boolean value. If enabled (the default) PulseAudio will try
to connect its ports to the physical playback ports of the JACK server

So, the answer is that pulseaudio itself can't do it. But you can of
course connect the ports yourself, e.g. using an auto-connecting tool,
just set the "connect" option to false in that case.

For example, with jack-matchmaker [1], you could do this:

jack-matchmaker -e \
    "PulseAudio JACK Sink:front-left" system:playback_17 \
    "PulseAudio JACK Sink:front-right" system:playback_18

Just start this whenever, before or after the pulseaudio
module-jack-sink is loaded and it will make the connections, once the
ports become available.


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