[LAU] Computer lockup

Anders Hellquist lau at hellquist.net
Thu Feb 13 21:47:41 CET 2020

Sometimes ssh'ing in from another box can help killing jackd of
keyboard/desktop don't respond.

On Thu, Feb 13, 2020, 16:37 Chris Caudle <chris at chriscaudle.org> wrote:

> On Thu, February 13, 2020 8:02 am, Will Godfrey wrote:
> > On running Jack into a USB soundcard, there have been a few occasions
> > where the USB lead was snagged and pulled out.
> > On each occasion the computer locked up,
> On similar occurrence I have been able to run "killall jackd" and recover.
> In your case the entire machine became unresponsive?
> Are you running an RT kernel?  I wonder if with RT and a high enough
> priority the jackd process could consume so much processor time that the
> system was not usable.  In my case I have a kernel configured with
> preempt, but not the full preempt-RT patches.
> The only suggestion I would have is check whether the control-alt-F3 key
> combo can switch to a different virtual terminal, perhaps some process in
> the desktop environment locked up, but if you can get to a shell again you
> could  kill jackd.
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