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david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Tue Feb 18 00:27:23 CET 2020

On 2/17/20 7:21 AM, mickski 56 wrote:
>> Two days configuring this machine. Why I still don't usually
>> recommend Linux to normal users.
>> Best regards,
>> dp
> I wouldn't bet on everyone and their grannies getting a windows install
> right in any amount of time either.

In my experience:

1. Ordinary users don't install Windows, either. It came on their computer.

2. Ordinary users don't have pro-level audio requirements. They want to 
Skype and play YouTube videos. They use their computer's built-in sound 
capabilities, such as laptop speakers or headphone jack.

3. If they're also casual gamers, maybe they feed their sound output to 
external speakers. If they're more serious gamers, they have that plus a 

My mother, a great-grandmother, skipped step 1 and bought an all-in-one 

My sister, the grandmother, has two degrees in computer science and is a 
programmer and patent holder in the communications equipment field. (If 
you made a phone call today, it probably went through something she 
holds a patent on.) I don't believe she has ever installed Windows, 
either. Last time we visited her, she didn't even have a computer in the 
house. (Or an Internet connection.)

Her son has a five-year degree in engineering technology. He has 
probably installed Windows from scratch at work and helped create custom 
install images. At home? Probably just uses whatever Windows was 
installed on their computers when they bought them. He's in the 
generation that probably does 99% of its personal computing on 
smartphone or tablet.

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