[LAU] zita-dpl1 build on Debian needs tiny fix to Makefile

karl at aspodata.se karl at aspodata.se
Thu Feb 20 16:29:32 CET 2020

> Had to change the line 
>   zita-dpl1:     CPPFLAGS += $(shell pkgconf --cflags freetype2)
> to
>   zita-dpl1:      CPPFLAGS += $(shell pkg-config --cflags xft)

For the record, there is a "pkgconf", see:

and there is a debian package for it as well as pkg-config:

$ apt-cache show pkgconf |head -3
Package: pkgconf
Version: 1.6.0-1
Installed-Size: 300
$ apt-cache show pkg-config |head -3
Package: pkg-config
Version: 0.29-6
Installed-Size: 203

So you don't have to patch the makefile, just update your build 

/Karl Hammar

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