[LAU] ["Music"] Unquantized analogue chords

Mario Lang mlang at delysid.org
Thu Jun 4 00:24:46 CEST 2020


Definitely not a finished piece of music.  Patched and tuned in
basically just a few minutes, so there isn't any development or anything
else you'd want to have from a track in this genre.
And not even made with Linux as such.  It is a all-hardware track,
recorded with SuperCollider.  However, we had a lot of fun performing it
together.  If you're still here, here goes the story:

I have two Analogue Solutions Megacities.  The megacity is an analogue
step sequencer with 64 steps.  It can be used in two-channel mode, so
you get 2x32 steps.  Since I have two of them, I patched them up to have
4 channels of CV output, directly going to a Döpfer A-111-4[1].
So I clocked the step sequencers with a slow pulse every 4 beats.
And tuned some 7th chords by hand.  Mind you, no quantisation in use.

Since I was already sort of terrorizing my girl while preparing the
patch, it turned out to be a wonderful opportunity to give her a
hands-on dive into the world of modular synthesizers.  She has a really
good ear, and once I showed her which of the countless encoders were
responsible for the individual chord tones, she was hooked and determined
to make it sound passable.  A minute later, she found herself twiddling
the cutoff and resonance knobs on a x0xb0x as if that's what she always
has been doing.  So I couldn't resist and capture this
magical moment of understanding.


[1] https://modular.blind.guru/Eurorack/Modules/A111-4.html


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