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Sun Mar 8 00:15:16 CET 2020

Mar 7 2020, Robert Vogel has written:
> So, my dream is to be able to use a very basic weighted keyboard,
> connected to free software that is at least as capable as the Yamaha.
> Mainly, I use it as a conventional keyboard instrument with many voices,
> but also playback midi files for accompaniment, so I feel like i am with
> a small jazz group.
I'm thinking of plugin hosts, application launchers and automatic MIDI
connections. There is Claudia and Katia (not sure about the spelling of
the latter), with those you can create a "studio", which will
automatically connect and route a lot of MIDI. I don't know if they can
also start applications for you.

But then there is something like Carla, which can host plugins and
possibly start a few standalone applications.

I've seen those working to connect several keyboards to several software

As for synthesizers - both standalone and in plugin format - there are
many with varying features. LinuxSampler and fluidsynth for classic
sample-based libraries, Hydrogen or drumgizmo for acoustic and
electronic drums, there are more virtual analogue synths than you might
possibly know and then a few other quite particular things.

If you're not particular about opensource, you can also load a few
commercial softsynths as well, which might open up another palette of

Will all that "be as good as the Motif"? It depends. :) In some ways
definitely, in others maybe not really. Sample libraries are an issue.
The really nice ones with lots of articulations, round-robins and all
the other tricks to make a sampled instrument sound realistic, take time
and effort to make. I haven't found any such library for LinuxSampler,
when it comes to orchestral instruments, guitars or vocals.

I'm not a member of the graphical world in Linux, I'm sure other users
might suggest a few newer more comfortable synthesizers and other hosts
and connection managers.
> I think Musescore would be a good start.
Caveat: no GUI user. Last thing I knew MuseScore was particularly the
scoring/composition part of the whole Muse project. Though, I might be
years out of date. Muse itself had its own plugin format and a few
plugins. Not sure how much this has developed nor how well maintained
the plugins are.


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