[LAU] Physical distance performance with Linux?

Giso Grimm gg3137 at vegri.net
Tue May 5 15:00:33 CEST 2020

On 05.05.20 14:38, Mac wrote:
> In our current world situation I see a lot of videos, and in some cases
> live, performances by multiple musicians/vocalists in physically
> different locations.
> Some are obviously in a MacGyver setup in the closet, others are in
> rather tricked out home studios (like the one I just watched of the
> Doobie Brothers, where they all were in their own studio).
> Some are obvious compilations, video effects, etc. added. But, when they
> are live how do they deal with delays and monitoring for the local
> performance (in the Doobie's one, there was some post processing, but,
> the duets seemed really tight, both instruments and vocals.)
> My question is, have any Linux folks had any experience setting this,
> with Linux tools obviously..., and how did you deal with delays and
> monitoring when live or (I assume when processed video is involved)
> monitoring and delay for multi-tracking from around the world?

There are several tools out, some of them open source based:

jacktrip (https://ccrma.stanford.edu/software/jacktrip/)

soundjack (https://soundjack.eu/, closed source)

jamulus (http://llcon.sourceforge.net/)

Just to name a few.

We developed our own system based on zita-njbridge and some self-written
network managing tools, which we use almost every day:


The delay which can be achieved (with all of the systems - the
underlying network is the most critical factor) will be in the order of
30-80 ms between musicians (one way). 30-50 ms feels more or less ok, if
it is more you need to play actively before the time.



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> Mac
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