[LAU] Delta 1010 trouble, almost working

Kevin Cosgrove kevinsemaillists at gmail.com
Sat May 16 09:00:27 CEST 2020

Hi folks,

I have a Delta 1010 (not LT) that works on one computer, but not another.

Working means that when I use mudita24 (on LinuxMint 19.3) then all of the
line inputs work according to the meters, and follow the input signal.

Not working means that when I use envy24control (on Fedora 27) then all of
the meters are pegged at the top. envy24control is the predecessor of
mudita24. envy24control has worked for me in the past, but on a computer
that doesn't exist anymore.

Each computer has its own PCI card for the 1010. But, the experiment was
conducted with the same 1010 taking turns on each computer.

Anyone got some debugging ideas for this? I suppose someone's going to tell
me to swap the cards between the computers. Yes, I'll do that. I was hoping
to find some setting that automatically works on Mint that's not set the
same on Fedora.

Thanks all!
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