[LAU] Qtractor and soft synths

David Sumbler david at aeolia.co.uk
Fri Nov 20 17:40:24 CET 2020

I am running Ubuntu 18.04, with Qtractor 0.8.5

I have some midi files (generated by Lilypond), which I should like to
edit and improve in Qtractor.

In Qtractor I can play the tracks through Timidity.  The Track dialogue
offers me sounds from the FLuidR3_GM soundfont and also soundbank-emg. 
But these sound identical, and I think only FluidR3_GM is being used,
which I have set as the default in Timidity.

I would like to use other sound fonts (e.g. Virtual-Playing-
Orchestra3), but I have never worked out how to achieve this.

For instance, I have installed WhySynth (using apt), and after much
trial and error I managed to get it to appear as a plugin in the Track
dialog.  I clicked on "Add", and WhySynth then appeared as an
additional option under "MIDI/Instrument".  But after selecting a
WhySynth sound, I still hear the FluidR3-GM sound.

This is presumably because I haven't connected WhySynth and Qtractor in
the Connections window (or QJackCtl's Connect window), but WhySynth
doesn't show up there at all.

What do I need to do get Qtractor to use sounds from WhySynth?


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