[LAU] Affordable well-working USB interface with low latency at 48kHz?

Will Godfrey willgodfrey at musically.me.uk
Mon Nov 23 08:39:09 CET 2020

On Mon, 23 Nov 2020 02:03:00 +0100
David Kastrup <dak at gnu.org> wrote:

>"Jeanette C." <julien at mail.upb.de> writes:
>> Nov 22 2020, David Kastrup has written:
>> ...  
>>> So I am lacking a reasonably solid recommendation of (possibly older but
>>> reasonably quality) hardware with 1 or 2 mic inputs and +48V phantom
>>> power and likely USB2.0 HiSpeed class compliant, possibly 2 headphone
>>> outputs  
>> ...
>> Is it worth investigating the Focusrite Scarlett interfaces? I have read
>> here - a few weeks ago - that the 3rd generation is now supported on
>> Linux. But the 2nd generation is still listed in some stores. The
>> Scarlett 2i2 with two mic preamps +48V phantom power costs about 139EUR,
>> the solo - with just one mic preamp - is less than 100 EUR . I think
>> these smaller Scarletts used to be a favourite with RaspberryPis, as
>> well.
>> I don't know the latency, but many people speak very favourably about
>> them.  
>This is basically a no-budget hunt (I don't have the means to make
>excessive presents), so store-bought is essentially out.  I think one
>guy has already gotten a Behringer interface new (I'd not be overly
>surprised if it's some laptop-like USB1.1 chip of the "don't expect more
>than 15kHz" kind with some somewhat more tolerable preamp, which would
>not be the first time I've seen gear from Behringer where the outside
>was more impressive than the inside) and there are more dropout problems
>than previously (with my old Tascam soundcard) even though it's on its
>own USB connector (hopefully on its own controller/port but I don't know
>the laptop in person).
>I'd not want to suggest anything for which I've not had good experiences
>myself, and the budget would likely be at most around what the Behringer
>cost new.  So realistically, it's definitely going to focus around
>something preowned, and likely no longer in current production.
>The budget situation would likely not be all that much different even if
>I had plenty to spare: "oh, I'll gift you all with interfaces if we go
>ahead" is not going to cut it.  It has to feel like something everyone
>is willing to go through with, and selling the effort is going to be
>hard enough without also having to admit that the cost will become
>I think you are right that Focusrite had a reasonable reputation for
>their preamps.  I'll take a look at what the first generation was about.

If you can get hold of one (possibly ebay), a Mk1 Komplete Audio KA6 fits the
bill perfectly. USB2 class compliant, 2x comby instrument.mic inputs with
switchable phantom power. 2 other analog inputs + 2x digital. also independent
headphone O/P as well as the main outs.

They are built like tanks. I've got one I still use here!

Will J Godfrey
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