[LAU] QMidiArp sequencing

Brent Busby brent at keycorner.org
Sat Nov 28 18:02:22 CET 2020

I'm probably trying to use QMidiArp for something it's not designed to
do, but I thought I'd ask this anyway:

In the Global Store section of the program, it looks like you can make a
pattern automatically switch after it completes, but I don't see any way
to specify for how many repititions it should run before switching.
Certainly QMidiArp doesn't aim to be a sequencer, so I'm not expecting
it to have everything, but I can't think of very many times that I've
wanted an arpeggio to play only once before switching to something else.

I do see that you can trigger almost anything it can do with learned
MIDI commands, so perhaps you're expected to have another sequencer do
the pattern switching by commanding QMidiArp via MIDI as needed?  Or
perhaps this is all just meant for live improv under manual control?  It
just seems like a repeat count would make the Global Store section way
more useful as a sequencer in an actual song.

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