[LAU] Calculating absolute played(!) volume

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Hello Fons!
Oct 16 2020, Fons Adriaensen has written:
> 1. The sensitivity of your headphone, that is the SPL for some 
> given voltage. This may be in the specs of your headphone.
I think it is.
> 2. The 'gain' of your sound card at a particular DAC gain setting.
> This could be measured (using an RMS voltmeter) with a know software
> generated signal.
I know someone with all kinds of meters like that. :)
> 3. How (2) depends on the volume settings (if any) of your sound card.
> If these are in dB and accurate (I wouldn't trust ALSA for this) that
> is easy.
I might start out by trusting ALSA. :)
> 4. The RMS level (in dB FS) of the signal you are playing. Zita-mu1
> provides this but is probably of little use to you. What do you normally
> use for metering ?
Csound has lufs metering implemented now. I think it will do. At any
rate, I'm looking at a constant signal, so that should be easy.

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