[LAU] How to make mplayer automatically connect to zita-mu1?

Christopher Arndt chris at chrisarndt.de
Sat Oct 31 14:44:58 CET 2020

Am 31.10.20 um 14:17 schrieb Fons Adriaensen:
> On Sat, Oct 31, 2020 at 07:46:27AM +0100, Bengt Gördén wrote:
>> I don't have zita-mu1 installed but I believe it should be something like this:
>> mplayer -ao jack:port=zita-mu1
> This is what I use. It works only because *usually* jack will report the first
> two ports of zita-mu1 to be 'in_1.L' and 'in_1.R'.

You can also start mplayer with

    mplayer -ao jack:port=noconnect

then it will create JACK output ports but not connect them to anything.

You can then use an auto-connect tool to establish the connection to
zita-mu1 and also from zita-mu1 to your playback ports as soon as their
ports appear.

For example, with jack-matchmaker
<https://github.com/SpotlightKid/jack-matchmaker<, this would would work:

    jack-matchmaker -e \
        "/MPlayer.*:out_0$/" zita-mu1:in_1.L \
        "/MPlayer.*:out_1$/" zita-mu1:in_1.R \
        zita-mu1:sel_out.L system:playback_1 \
        zita-mu1:sel_out.R system:playback_2

Start this *before* you start mplayer. You can also put these port
patterns into a file and use the -p option for jack-matchmaker.

> Actually jack has no notion of port order, so you can't count of this.

A side note: you can set meta data on JACK ports to define the port
order, but since mplayer respect this meta-data, it's not helpful here.



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