[LAU] Dave Phillips' article on Linux audio plugins... is there a copy online somewhere?

Nikhil Nair nnair at pobox.com
Fri Sep 4 05:09:16 CEST 2020


I've found a few references to an article Dave Phillips wrote, entitled
"Linux Audio Plug-Ins: A Look Into LADSPA".  It's referenced on the front
page of www.ladspa.org, and was, it seems, on O'Reilly's web page.
However, the O'Reilly links seem to be broken, and a number of Google
searches have turned up nothing.  (The LADSPA homepage didn't actually list
the title - I found that elsewhere; I'm assuming there is just one article
that I'm seeing references to, but if Dave had more than one article on
O'Reilly concerning LADSPA, this may further confuse the issue!)

Can anyone direct me to a copy of this article?  Failing that, is there an
alternate source of introductory material you'd recommend?



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