[LAU] MIDI pedigree

Michael Zoet Michael.Zoet at zoet.de
Mon Apr 5 19:03:20 CEST 2021

Am 05.04.21 um 15:24 schrieb David Kastrup:
> ...
> Now here is the thing: all of them, as accurate and detailed as they
> appear otherwise, get the central guitar riff wrong.  The second bar of
> the central riff is a (broken) straight G major chord, g b d g.  The
> guitar tabs have it.  The original single version has it (haven't found
> other versions).  Tutorials have it.  But the Midi files invariably have
> g c d g.  All of them, the simple and more complex ones.
> So I have two working theories: there is some other version of "(Don't
> Fear) the Reaper".  The other is that all MIDI files have a common
> ancestor that got it wrong and never looked twice, in spite of very
> meticulously transcribing all the solos.
My guess here: the C is a mistake and it should be a B ;-).

With a C in the G major chord it would be a Gsus4 major chord. This is 
definitely not what is played in this song as far as a I know it. (It is 
a long time ago I practiced it.)

As you can play the open G major chord in different ways on the guitar 
for this song I would only play it with a G on the 6th string, B on the 
5th string, a D on the 4th string, a G on the 3rd string, a B or D on 
the 2nd string and a G on the 1st string. (Even when you do not play the 
notes on the 1st and 2nd string in this song I would put my fingers 
there ;-).) But different guitarist have different styles how to play it...

Hope this helps,


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