[LAU] Four channels playback?

Rodolfo Medina rodolfo.medina at gmail.com
Sat Apr 10 10:42:10 CEST 2021

"Jeanette C." <julien at mail.upb.de> writes:

> Hello and welcome Rodolfo!


> Apr 10 2021, Rodolfo Medina has written:
> ...
>> send each of the four channels into a different
>> loudspeaker and so listen to the song...?  Do you think, e.g., the Behringer
>> UMC404HD audio interface will allow to do that?
> ...
> If the Behringer has four outputs or more, yes.
> Question is: do you just want to listen to audio in a kind of player or
> listen from a DAW?

I suppose I would listen to audio from my Debian box, connecting it to a sound
interface as Behringer or similar.  Or also maybe to some 5.1 audio card?

> Do you know whether you want output to ALSA, PulseAudio or JACK?

Some years ago on debian.user mailing list it was suggested that "ecasound" can
do that, with ALSA:

 $ ecasound -i:3ch.wav -f:16,3,44100 -o:alsa,default

Now I wish to be sure Behringer UMC404HD will allow me to do that before I
purchase it.  It is claimed to have 4 outputs, but its output system looks
quite complicated: on the back of the device it shows `PLAYBACK OUTPUTS': two
white, two red and four black outputs.  Further on the right, one more couple
of black entries, L and R, and then MAIN OUT.  How could I use all those to
achieve what I'm looking for?



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