[LAU] Why is Jack so slow?

worik root at worik.org
Wed Aug 4 07:13:56 CEST 2021


I have a Raspberry PI with a PI Sound board.  Wanting to use modep
(https://blokas.io/modep/) live I have hacked a pedal together and can
change settings with it.

modep is a gnarly ball of python and tomahawk (sp?) that I do not need
so I have stripped down the actions the pedal needs to do to eight Jack
operations: disconnect the left and right output  and input, and
reconnect them in a different way to affect an effect change.

I have written a small rust programme with the jack crate to interface
with Jack.  Four disconnects, four connects.

It takes over 200ms of system time, optimised rust.  Two hundred
milliseconds is a long time.

Can anybody tell me why?  Is there a solution?

I am hoping to get it down to ten milliseconds.


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