[LAU] headphones question?

David Kastrup dak at gnu.org
Sun Aug 29 01:01:20 CEST 2021

David Kastrup <dak at gnu.org> writes:

> Karen Lewellen <klewellen at shellworld.net> writes:
>> Hi everyone,
>> Anyone now of a site source where I can provide the detailed
>> specifications I am seeking, and then get a list of options?
>> i have a treasured pair of JVC headphones with a short near the plug.
>> While i am getting them repaired, hopefully soon,   it might not be a
>> bad idea to find alternatives...not happy that I did not buy a couple
>> of pairs when I last found them a few years ago.
>> Hoping for a resource, because specs are more challenging given so
>> many wear headphones as a fashion statement these days.
>> Thoughts?
> Well, Elega196C

Sorry, "Elega DR-196C".  I should have actually looked.

> are not a fashion statement as the earpads (originally a flat soft
> layer of black open-cell foam) will have disintegrated long ago and
> been replaced by some more or less questionable alternative by their
> previous owner.
> I stocked up on my original one from 40+ years ago a few years ago and
> equipped either with some cheap round earpad, making for even less of a
> useful fashion statement.
> Back in the days when there were still brick-and-mortar HiFi stores, I
> went through the whole rack of headphones in my affordable price range.
> I find them ok to wear over longer amounts of time (though they might
> have been nicer with the original pads) and of reasonable accuracy.
> Like with any comparatively personal preference, there is no guarantee
> that you'd come to the same conclusion.
> They are sometimes on Ebay et al for comparatively cheap.  If nothing
> else, a conversation piece.

David Kastrup

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