[LAU] setBfree: Gain sweller from lin to log characteristic

Gerhard Zintel gerhard.zintel at web.de
Wed Dec 15 20:49:44 CET 2021

Hi, you guys,

On 15/12/2021 02:06, Robin Gareus wrote:
>> Maybe if the original B3 uses a linear characteristic we should not
>> change setBfree's code.
> There is also the problem that this would change existing projects that
> use setBfree as plugin. Changing the expression pedal mapping will make
> those sound different, so this is not an option.

thanks a lot for your insight and comments (especially Adam for your time to
make measurements). After this short discussion I realize, that my approach to
control several softsynths by only one volume sweller sending Midi controller
message 7 to them individually seems not to be a good way to do it.

Obviously its far better to use a jackable master volume control device in front
of system playback (within QjackCtl) that is able to receive Midi controller
messages. I hope jackmix will do the job - I'm on my way to set it up. It seems
to be the program with the lowest footprint. If you have any other idea what to
use for the purpose please tell me.

Thanks again

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