[LAU] Harmonic Exciter (LV2)

Yann COLLETTE ycollette.nospam at free.fr
Tue Dec 21 18:50:22 CET 2021

Thanks a lot for these new plugins. Theu will be used ... A lot !

Just a small comment. Can you add a version tag to this release (the 
same demande for rumor).
It's for packaging these plugins. It's a little bit easier to have a 


Le 21/12/2021 à 18:37, Hermann Meyer a écrit :
> new plug
> https://github.com/brummer10/HarmonicExciter 
> <https://github.com/brummer10/HarmonicExciter>
> I guess there is not much to say, a Harmonic Exciter based on a half 
> wave distortion algorithm.
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