[LAU] [music] A Castle in Bohemia (Reface DX-Mas)

Christopher Arndt chris at chrisarndt.de
Mon Dec 27 18:51:50 CET 2021

Here is a late musical seasonal greeting to Linux Audio.

(I wrote and recorded this track already on Christmas Day and intended 
to improve the mix before publishing, but since I have to work this week 
and it would probably not get finished until next year, I decided to put 
it out as is.)

**The theme to a soppy Christmas television mini-series from the 
eighties that never was**

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/spotlightkid/a-castle-in-bohemia
Ogg Vorbis download: https://0x20.eu/nc/s/RFBjkL6kFacMWo9
FLAC download: https://0x20.eu/nc/s/wbY7HjTB2fYwyT8

Synopsis: A young woman from western Europe spends a year in communist 
era Bohemia (then Czechoslovakia), where she has family ties, as a farm 
hand. She lives on the premises of a small castle, which belongs to an 
impoverished family of aristocratic roots. When she meets the young son 
of the family, their initial mutual attraction is cut short by 
misunderstandings caused by prejudice and differences in upbringing. 
Over time though, he wins her heart by showing her the beauty of the 
Bohemian country side and the joys of a simple rural life while she 
enchants him with her classical flute playing and brings him to overcome 
his introvert nature by introducing him to Italo disco dancing.


Composed and produced by Christopher Arndt on Christmas Day 2021.

Recorded in Ardour 6 DAW on Linux with a Yamaha Reface DX FM synthesizer 
into a Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 audio interface.

No samples, no filters, just one synth.

Reface DX patches by Christopher Arndt and from SoundMondo.com (list on 

Some EQ ("EQ10Q") used on the horn sound, IR reverb using "LSP 
Impulsnachhall" and Samplicity M7 "Boston Hall A" impulse response, and 
multi-band EQ and compression on master bus using "ZamAudio ZaMultiCompX2".

Share & Enjoy!


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