[LAU] Linux EQs was - project "droning": 10 years...

Roger gurusonic at gmail.com
Fri Feb 5 04:49:26 CET 2021

On 3/2/21 11:24 pm, Louigi Verona wrote:
> EQ is not just the DSP. It's all of it - the DSP and the UI.
> Take, for instance, ZynEq 10. And let's say that it's DSP is perfect. 
> The reason why I would consider it to be less usable than the EQ 
> <https://www.image-line.com/fl-studio-learning/fl-studio-online-manual/html/plugins/Fruity%20Parametric%20EQ%202.htm> 
> I'm using in FL Studio is because ZynEq is really limited: the bands 
> are fixed, you cannot move them around. The Q setting is global: you 
> cannot make one band wide and the other narrow. It doesn't allow you 
> to change the slope type or band type. There's no way to solo a band. 
> There's no way to store a state and switch between the current state 
> and another one, to hear the difference.
> All of this reduces my accuracy and/or makes the process very 
> difficult and slow. Regardless of whether I want to cut something out 
> or just apply a broad fix.
> That's what I am talking about when it comes to EQs.
> Louigi Verona
> https://louigiverona.com/ <https://louigiverona.com/>
I just want to throw in my 2c on this. I never used ZynEQ and didn't 
even find it with a quick search. From your description it sounds like a 
rather limited and basic EQ. I've had good results with several EQs, namely:

LSP Parametric EQ

x-42 Parametric EQ

Harrison XT-EQ and XT-ME as well as their Character plugins



I use these mainly in Mixbus 32C or Qtractor, and don't recall ever 
having a crash with any of them. Note the Harrison ones cost money but 
are well worth it and they have regular sales which make them great 
value. eg. Mixbus 32C retails for $US349 but I got it for $199. I'm 
talking software for Linux, not restricting it to FOSS.

Another consideration is the possibility is running Windows VSTs under 
LinVST. My current absolute favourite EQ is the free TDR Nova which 
works perfectly under LinVST; four fully parametric bands, built-in RTA, 
and it's dynamic function is unequalled by any Linux EQ (Zam one is 

Other notable Win plugins I use with great success under LinVST are Dead 
Duck Effects bundle, and I just got Valhalla Supermassive happily 
sending mixes to outer space (thanks for the tip, Louigi, I never heard 
of Valhalla before).

There are some excellent quality FOSS and commercial plugins for Linux 
if one looks around and tries them but also some very mediocre ones and 
some absolute rubbish. It's the same situation in other platforms.

The main problem is finding them as there is negligible promotion, and 
then sorting the wheat from the chaff. There are some good guides online 
but often are not kept current and/or they just list everything 
available regardless of quality.

Sorry, more than 2c worth but /rant

Cheers, Roger

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