[LAU] [Music] Symphony of love illusive

Stephen Stubbs fartreader at gmail.com
Sun Feb 7 15:28:59 CET 2021

I am listening on my Event 20/20 monitors which are connected to the 
computer.  I really wish I could send the sound to my 5.1 THX room 
system using the Klipsch speakers.

Years ago I bought the Roland Sound Expansion, Orchestra M-OC1, outboard 
rack module.  I bought it mainly for the solo Oboe patch.  If you can 
find M-OC1, you may want to get it.

Sunday morning listening to your symphony.  Very relaxing.  Well done.

"The Other" Stephen Stubbs.

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>Hey hey,
>the symphony of love illusive was written using the free Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra (SSO) SFZ library in LinuxSampler. Only when the first two movements were completed did I discover the Virtual Playing Orchestra and so I will have to write something else symphonic some time soon. :)
>(There are currently only Youtube links, no direct downloads, they will follow within the next few days.)
>Here are the four movements:
>1. Allegro (Fantasia - possibly)
>2. Molto Vivace (Scherzo - nearly and my pride and joy :) )
>3. Larghetto (Lament - maybe)
>4. Andante Moderato (Rondo - could be)
>Feedback, as ever is appreciated. I know that I was only consistent in one particular: I always broke the form. :)
>Some more details: the whole symphony was recorded with the Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra. The strings and brass were layered with some - self designed - sounds from my Roland module, to flesh the sound out and have more of a dynamic range available. The symphony was written in Midish, recorded straight to Nama and only little processing was added, mostly to the sounds from the hardware to match them with the software samples.
>Best wishes,

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