[LAU] Help with jack-volume please

Jannis Achstetter jannis_achstetter at web.de
Wed Feb 17 18:39:50 CET 2021

I haven't read all the thread in detail, I just got an idea about it I
would like to share :)

Am 17.02.21 um 15:52 schrieb drew Roberts:
> I am not 100% sure I understand it all correctly, but here is what I am
> working on in my effort to help:
> "I have program Audio that will be coming in as AES to the input of the
> Audio Science card (ASI6644)"
> This comes into the machine with the ASI card and gets sent back out to
> a speaker as analog audio. It is intended to play without stopping.
> At 10 minutes past every hour, it should be faded down and specific
> files played out to the same speaker.

This sounds like a use-case similar to a compressor with
side-chain-input to me.
The audio coming in via AES goes to the regular input of the compressor,
its output goes to the speakers.
Your "audio files" go in the compressor's side-chain and to the speakers.
As soon as audio goes in the compressor's side-chain, it will
automatically turn down the volume of the signal to be compressed. If
one sets the ratio to infinite and the threshold pretty low, I would say
it's possible to completely mute the signal coming in via AES.

Only drawback: you cannot do it sequentially like:
- Fade down volume
- Wait a second
- Play files

since the fading-down of the volume will be an effect of the files being

Might help, might not :)

Best regards,

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