[LAU] SoundTracker 1.0.2-pre2 released

Yury Alyaev mutab0r at rambler.ru
Sat Feb 27 09:35:21 CET 2021

Hi all,

Further pre-release of SoundTracker 1.0.2 is ready. At this point I 
announce feature-freeze; this means that mature 1.0.2 release will have 
no new features compared with pre2, only possible bugfixes and 
translation updates. So this pre-release has all facilities of ST-1.0.2 
and I invite everyone to test it.

ST-1.0.2-pre2 can be downloaded here: 

Any feedback is welcome in SoundTracker mailing list: 
soundtracker-discuss at lists.sourceforge.net

What is new in soundtracker-1.0.2-pre2 (26-Feb-2021):

* Clavier look is improved (selectable font, better keys' shape)

* Some keybindings are added to the Sample editor

* When moving an envelope point, pressing CTRL restricts movement to 
either vertical or horizontal direction

* Polyphonic try mode is improved: user can switch on/off same note
   retrigging on different channels

* Rendering of the song / pattern / track /block into a sample is 

* Volume / FX interpolation is improved: added the facility to 
interpolate matching effects only

* Whole sample (data + parameters) copying / pasting is implemented

* Volumes of all samples can be adjusted (multiplied) by a given value 
at once

* Added an option to paste a block without cursor movement

* PulseAudio output driver

* Compatibility with FastTracker II is improved

* Some fixes and small improvements

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