[LAU] Firewire latency

Susanne Schneider suseguitar at mailbox.org
Fri Jan 15 15:00:13 CET 2021

I'm running a Focusrite Saffire Pro10 into a Thinkpad T520 quadcore, the 
same set is available in my homestudio a second time for redundance.
The Saffire, a 8-mic-channel device, is fully supported by FFADO, I can 
handle hardware-monitoring completely via FFADO-mixer - try to buy a 
actual offered device with similar capabilities AND full Linux-support - 
your effort will fail, it's a shame...

I'm using FFADO and Jack, I don't need very low latencies because all 
monitoring will be managed by the Focusrite device,
so I usually use something around 512/3. Very lower settings are 
possible, also 64/3 is possible, but I don't need it.
Sometimes I'm getting xruns also with higher settings because of the 
internet connection.
When switching off internet completely it's ok.
Up to now I even didn't know of any alternative to FFADO.

I'm upset by the develoment of laptops having no more fw anymore, no 
pc-card, no DC/DVD... connectivity is drastically reduced and I do not 
want to buy such a castrated machine.
If my Thinkpads would die, I would buy the same used machines again on 
ebay, the quality and standing is excellent and there is still a 
sufficient offer to find on second-hand-market.

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