[LAU] Getting Pulseaudio Applications with Pipewire to Work on Artix Linux

Sam Kuper sampablokuper at posteo.net
Fri Jan 29 14:37:39 CET 2021

On Fri, Jan 29, 2021 at 02:27:03PM +0100, Michael Jarosch wrote:
> Am 28.01.21 um 19:41 schrieb Brandon Hale:
>> I'm not sure what I can do to use pulseaudio applications with
>> pipewire.
> At least as a workaround, there is an commandline-application called
> pw-pulse to force any pulseaudio-oriented application into the
> pipewire universum.
> …but I guess, you don't want to start every single application with a
> seperate command…

To reduce the pain, in ~/.bashrc (or ~/.bash_aliases, if you use that),
one could do:

    alias my_app='pw-pulse my_app'
    alias my_other_app='pw-pulse my_other_app'


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