[LAU] AVB on Linux

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano nando at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Tue Jul 13 08:17:05 CEST 2021

On 7/12/21 3:47 PM, Brandon Hale wrote:
> Hello all,
> Are there any of you here who are using AVB on Linux, especially with a 
> standard Ethernet port? What software or hardware are you using to do 
> this on your Linux machines? I am interested in playing with it and have 
> some AVB speakers to mess with, but I'm not sure if it is even possible 
> yet, especially with a standard laptop Ethernet port.
> Tell me about your Linux AVB success stories!

None yet... :-(

Regarding the use of i210 network interfaces, a while back I found this:

At the top-level of the OpenAvnu checkout, run this make command:

$ PLATFORM_TOOLCHAIN=generic make avtp_pipeline

That will prevent it from linking to the i210 library and instead use 
the standard Linux network stack. The packet launch times and 
presentation timestamps will be
  far less even and I'm working on ways to lessen those problems, but 
you should be able to get a talker and listener built from the 
avtp_pipeline code to work toge
ther with some tweaking of the avtp_pipeline INI files. Be sure to read 
through the documentation that comes with the avtp_pipeline code.

But never had a chance to test it and see if it really works...

Then there is this software:

This is just 8 ports i/o on linux for motu avb cards, but it needs an 
i210 NIC (by the same guy that posted an experimental driver for 
proprietary usb mode on Motu's - in the LinuxMusicians forum - so you 
can get 64 channel i/o over usb with the newest firmware - I am using it 
and it works quite nicely).

-- Fernando

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