[LAU] Touchpad to MIDI

Brandon Hale bthaleproductions at gmail.com
Tue Jul 27 14:54:02 CEST 2021

I have another pd method (using purr-data) for you which might be a tiny 
bit simpler than using |hid|:

In purr-data, you can use the object |legacy_mousemotion| which will 
then output x and y position of the mouse for the pd current window.

If you like using pd-l2ork 1.0 instead, you can actually use cyclone's 
|MouseState| object, which gives you a similar feature set (although I 
like |MouseState| better, it seems to work smoother).

You could then use these to make midi messages inside pd and output it 
through purr-data/pd-l2ork's midi output.

Brandon Hale

On 7/27/21 4:33 AM, Will Godfrey wrote:
> On Tue, 27 Jul 2021 10:03:33 +0200
> Lorenzo Sutton <lorenzofsutton at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi Will,
>> On 27/07/21 09:22, Will Godfrey wrote:
>>> Does anyone know of software that can generate MIDI messages from a touchpad?
>> If, as I understand it, you mean a latptop touchpad (i.e. thing used
>> instead of a real mouse with your finger :-) ) Pure Data can definitely
>> do it in many different ways.
>> The Pd 'vanilla' way would probably be using a canvas object(s) and
>> tracking movement as you 'drag' them around.
>> There are a bunch of Pd externals (i.e. libraries not included in Pd you
>> need to compile and install separately), which can also do this in
>> various ways. [1]
>> Once you have the touchpad detection / setting setup Pd has a set of
>> inclued midi sending obejects which are really easy to use to send CC,
>> notes etc.
>>> The idea would be to send CCs to a sequencer or soft synth, but being able to
>>> send it to an external hardware device would also be very useful.
>> MIDI objects receive/send alsa-midi so you can route them to any
>> sequencer, synth or hardware device which can receive alsa-midi.
>> Hope this helps.
>> Lorenzo.
>> [0] https://puredata.info/
>> [1] There is also a Pd 'distribution' which comes packed with many many
>> externals out of the box, Purr Data: https://www.purrdata.net/
> Thanks for all of this Lorenzo. I had been hoping for something lightweight,
> however if I can find that round tuit I seem to have lost, this is certainly an
> interesting (and potentially flexible) way of solving the problem.
> Will.

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