[LAU] anyone checked out new USB reduced latency patch?

Chris Caudle 6807.chris at pop.powweb.com
Fri Jun 4 22:12:02 CEST 2021

I just saw that this is probably going in the 5.14 kernel:

This is the description:
"USB-audio driver behaves a bit strangely for the playback stream --
namely, it starts sending silent packets at PCM prepare state while
the actual data is submitted at first when the trigger START is kicked
off.  This is a workaround for the behavior where URBs are processed
too quickly at the beginning.  That is, if we start submitting URBs at
trigger START, the first few URBs will be immediately completed, and
this would result in the immediate period-elapsed calls right after
the start, which may confuse applications.

"OTOH, submitting the data after silent URBs would, of course, result
in a certain delay of the actual data processing, and this is rather
more serious problem on modern systems, in practice.

"This patch tries to revert the workaround and lets the URB submission
starting at PCM trigger for the playback again.  As far as I've tested
with various backends (native ALSA, PA, JACK, PW), I haven't seen any
problems (famous last words :)

"Note that the capture stream handling needs no such workaround, since
the capture is driven per received URB."

Curious if anyone has a setup that can backport this and see if it changes
the behavior of different latency every time you start.

If I get time to work on that this weekend, what would be the best setup? 
Just patch output to input and run jack_iodelay over and over?  Have
Ardour run latency test multiple times?  Both?

Chris C

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