[LAU] [music] change ()re-recording my 17-year-old self)

david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Wed Mar 10 05:38:21 CET 2021

On 3/8/21 8:58 PM, Jeanette C. wrote:
> Mar 9 2021, david has written:
> ...
>> It sounds to me like something other artists would pay you for the 
>> right to cover it.
> :) Thanks!
> ...
>> I have an old recording of songs I wrote at that age. Not much like 
>> yours! Fortunately for the world, they're trapped on an old 1/4" tape 
>> cassette.
> ...
> Fortunately, mine were only traped on your avberage tape and I still
> have a tape deck. :) Welcome to the nation of radioplay children. :) 

My tape deck just needs a new belt. And need someone that can splice 
tape. I tried to splice it once ages ago without success. I think that 
takes better eye-hand coordination than I have. :(

Probably better that my old songs remain unheard. I have boxes of the 
poetry I was writing and selling at the time. (Yes, I actually made 
money from poetry!) There are only two categories: Love, and 
Miscellaneous Deaths. Ah, the joys of teen angst!

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