[LAU] LV2 plugin that controls other plugins?

Mark Raynsford list+org.linuxaudio.linux-audio-user at io7m.com
Thu Mar 11 16:54:21 CET 2021


We know that hosts such as Ardour are able to control the
parameters of LV2, LADSPA, VST, etc, plugins using MIDI CCs and
possibly other automation control signals.

Is there a (free, open source) plugin out there that allows for
controlling the parameters of a plugin from another plugin? I
realize that question's a bit nebulous. I'd like to, for example, 
have a plugin that exposes a MIDI input. When a NOTE ON is received on
that input, it sets the value of a parameter in a different plugin
to a given value, and when a corresponding NOTE OFF is received,
it sets the value back to something else. Similar actions could
be performed from audio signals too, with a bit of math.

Ideally I'd like to set up a pile of plugins inside Carla and route
control signals between them in various ways like this. Some plugins
explicitly expose inputs that allow for control like this, but most

I've had a look for plugins that can achieve this kind of general
control, but the search terms are so generic that it's a tough thing to
search for. It may not even be possible.

Anyone know of anything?

Mark Raynsford | https://www.io7m.com

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