[LAU] Motu M64 Madi interface (not) class compliant?

Brent Busby brent at keycorner.org
Fri Mar 12 21:50:17 CET 2021

Anders Hellquist <lau at hellquist.net> writes:

> I have three Motu devices and Motu have changed their CC USB stance to
> only allow 24 + 24 streams over usb.
> This happened a long time ago with a firmware update for Ultralite AVB
> which did support 64+64 when running 44k1 or 48k.
> Newer models of Ultralite does not support downgrading to older
> firmware that supports more than 32 streams.
> The same seems be the case with my Motu 24ai and might be true even if
> running native driver for Windows or MacOS (have not tried) Motu 24ai
> supports 72 channels + avb streams so I'm total. Close to 170 channels
> so the limited USB support really cripple the usage.
> I have repeatedly been I contact with Motu support and the state they
> love Linux and promises things will improve but so far there has been
> no proof to back it up. 
> Motu has not changed the documentation regarding these limits and I
> have pointed out the fact that they are advertising stuff that is no
> longer true but they promise to fix the documentation but it is all
> just talk.
> I would say, stay away from Motu if possible.

I don't have any MADI hardware, so I probably shouldn't even be
wondering this, but...is there some kind of problem for the vendor
supporting that much bandwidth over USB, that would make them regret
that they ever promised it?

I have experienced some disappointment with the way everything is headed
to USB, tossing out PCI-E and firewire to get there.  It never seemed
like a great idea, especially for those wanting low latency.  Is this
what we get now that we've gone down that path?

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