[LAU] Working MADI interfaces for Linux? Was Motu M64 Madi interface (not) class compliant?

Peter P. peterparker at fastmail.com
Sat Mar 13 09:31:28 CET 2021

* David Runge <dave at sleepmap.de> [2021-03-13 00:01]:
> On 2021-03-12 00:08:53 (+0100), Thibaud Keller wrote:
> > Thanks Roger for the suggestion,
> > we are actually running at 48k.
> > These limitations seem to be built in as you can see on page 88 of the
> > manual
> > https://www.rme-audio.de/downloads/mface_pro_e.pdf
> This might be due the fact, that the class compliant mode is not aimed
> at Linux and/or general computing, but there to support iPads (that's at
> least the case in the Fireface UFX series).
> I received this fun piece of information from an RME employee at
> superbooth two years ago. The channel limitations in class compliant
> mode in e.g. the RME Fireface UFX (II, +, etc.) are hardcoded and
> matched to the capabilities of some iPad version that was supposed to be
> supported back then (and is by now long EOL).
Good to learn, thanks David! 
I am just wondering if this is the only reason motu and rme and possible
other manufacturers are limiting channels for their interfaces in CC

cheersz, P

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