[LAU] online calls with decent auido for music lessons

Christoph Kuhr christoph.kuhr at web.de
Mon Mar 15 18:39:16 CET 2021


I can always throw in Soundjack, which is not FLOSS but freeware. We now
provide Mixing Servers that scale up to 64 Participants (Although only
32 are tested yet), possible at any AWS region (I know a pact with the
devil). Soundjack has no video yet, but it is on the roadmap.
Soundjack is available for Linux, MacOSX and Windoof.

If you want low latency streaming, it always comes with a little hassle
of configuring the computer system the right way. It does not work with
onboard soundcards very well, for example.

 From experience, you should stick to Zoom for this, because it is a lot
of work to get the audio system of any participant to work with any of
the low latency streaming solutions. Don't underestimate this!
That's why we tested only 32 participants so far.


On 15.03.21 17:04, Francesco Napoleoni wrote:
> In data lunedì 15 marzo 2021 16:37:44 CET, Lorenzo Sutton ha scritto:
>> Hi LAU,
>> As we're entering a 'tighter' lock-down in my area
> I know what you’re talking about, <sigh>... :-(
>> The suggested tool is zoom with
>> 'original sound' option selected, but it seems this is not available on
>> Linux (nor in a web (chrome?) client) [1].
>> In the past setting the 'noise reduction' [...] to low
>> [...] but I'm wondering if anyone knows of any work-arounds.
> Unfortunately there is no such option. I have tried many times to search the
> web for solutions, but all I could find is a discussion on reddit:
> https://www.reddit.com/r/Zoom/comments/g9qu9v/
> original_sound_and_stereo_options_missing_on/
> which suggests a hacky workaround that I have not tried.
> Anyway the “low” noise reduction seems to be (ugh...) acceptable.
>> Or any other platform (Discord seems to use Opus which sounds promising).
> I think Jamulus should do a much better job, I would like to try it. However
> it is an audio only solution, so you still have to use Zoom or whatever to see
> other participants.
> By the way, looks like you’re Italian, like me. If you want to try Jamulus, I
> would be glad to experiment with you.
> ciao
> Francesco Napoleoni
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