[LAU] Release(?): A web based multi-track video player with volume mixer

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Sun May 30 18:31:03 CEST 2021

Ladies and Gentlemen,

this is some form of release. 

Example first: https://laborejo.org/multichannelplayer/

Have you ever tried to convince your friends and family to install a Linux system just so they can replicate your modular setup to listen to a pre-production where they are supposed to play the saxophone solo? Me neither. But I don't think it would work. Instead: 

This web software with the catchy name Multichannel_Web_Video_Audio_Player_With_Volume_Mixer is a tool for the boss (you) of ensembles and bands to distribute pre-productions for practice. But nothing keeps you from using it for real music with, as some kind of novelty player.

The user can adjust the volume levels of individual instruments and follow along a visual presentation (notation, conductor video etc.). This includes optional tracks, such as metronome clicks, spoken instructions or alternative versions of tracks.

Because it relies on simple video files there is no limit to quality and flexibility.

Works in every browser. No downloads. No obscure technology is involved. This can be used by the 60+ generation in your choir.

The provided Git/README (see link below) gives more ideas and examples why this tool could be beneficial to you.

The README also helps to setup your own player and offers a workflow to produce videos, which is quite complicated to be honest.

This is not a "proper" release because there is nothing to package. You just copy files to your web server.
License is AGPL 3 or later.



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