[LAU] short audio drop out when new jack clients are created and connected

Peter P. peterparker at fastmail.com
Tue Nov 9 16:51:23 CET 2021


I am currently giving linux-show-player a try but the following problem
might happen with other software as well.

In linux-show-player audio files can be played back from a cue list.
Each cue is implemented as a separate jack client. I am having the
problem that starting a cue, while another one is already playing, is
causing an audible drop out in the audio processing. When running the
software under alsa, this does not seem to happen. I suspect that
creating and connecting new jack clients causes this to happen. No xruns
happen though. I can not reproduce this exactly, although it happens at
about 30% of cue starts. Increasing jackd's buffer size does not help so
far. How can I go about to debug this further?

Thank you!

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