[LAU] New software instrument: handpan

Jeanette C. julien at mail.upb.de
Wed Nov 10 16:31:29 CET 2021

Nov 10 2021, Max has written:
> I wanted to try this out, typed 'csound handpan.csd' into the terminal, 
> connected MIDI to it in QJackCtl, then sent notes to it from Pd and 
> while the first few sounded good it then was all crackling and throwing 
> buffer underrruns. How do you do this properly?
OK, there are a few config options. I assume that ALSA sequencer is fine
with you. How about audio? Do you use JACK or plain ALSA? And what's
your preferred samplerate? Do you run at 48000Hz? If you don't know,
it's most likely 44100.

I tested it on my system running on a single 3GHz CPU core of an Intel
i3, but then I don't have any desktop environment running. Also I do run
Csound 6.16. There are always updates, also touching on efficiency. If
you still get many underruns check a CPU meter. There is top, I think
loads of desktop come with little applets and other graphical CPU
resource displays.

Also Csound has buffering options. I don't work much with them. But
csound --help
iobufsamps hardwarebufsamps which are -b and -B for short. Especially
with direct JACK output you might want to adjust them a bit.

If you suspect that your computer is too old, you can further reduce
computation by changing the line
ksmps = 
It's currently set to 1, you can go with anything that is a divider of
the samplerate. So 2, 4, 5, 10 and 20 will certainly work.

I hope that one of those is helpful. Please let me know!

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