[LAU] Running Decent Sampler: segmentation fault

Jonathan E. Brickman jeb at ponderworthy.com
Fri Nov 26 00:35:13 CET 2021

Jeanette, I run headless whenever I play, several GUI apps essential and 
running. Xorg running, just screenless; it might be Wayland on the new box, 
haven't dug into it. On some distros (and versions) it's tough to get to 
work, on some it's easy. Do let me know if we should figure out a 
methodology for you. Because I do it this way, I get to use default desktop 
distro bits for autostart and other items, ends up making everything easier 
to handle. I couldn't work with minimal hardware this way, but I need a lot 
of power anyway, so I have it to spare, and I use it to make everything 
easier :-)
Jonathan E. Brickman
jeb at ponderworthy.com <mailto:jeb at ponderworthy.com> 
Jeanette C. wrote:
Nov 25 2021, Jonathan E. Brickman has written:
Checked out DecentSampler a bit. What a project!!! Will be watching it. I 
ran > its standalone without any bobble at all on my three-day-old Manjaro 
set up > for Pipewire.
Thanks, Jonathan. It was GUI related. DecentSampler simply required me
to have a GUI running somewhere. Normally such applications fail with a
clear warning about not having found a graphics display. Now, I just
can't register at all with PianoBook. :) Perhaps I just scrap it. :)
Anyway, it's good I didn't have to resort to any other version, since I
couldn't have used them at all, including any VST plugin. :)
Best wishes and thanks again,
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