[LAU] How to use MIDI automation to Calf Saturator and LittleFly ?

Jonathan E. Brickman jeb at ponderworthy.com
Sun Nov 28 22:10:04 CET 2021

I'm studying a distortion add to my multifaceted BNR, and I'd like a way to 
introduce distortion as an effect right before final compression. To do 
that I have to be able to turn it off and on via MIDI automation. What 
kinds of MIDI signals do I need to send to Calf Saturator and LittleFly, in 
order to turn them off and on on the fly? I'll probably be sending them via 
mididings unless I need to find a different method.
Jonathan E. Brickman
jeb at ponderworthy.com <mailto:jeb at ponderworthy.com> 
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