[LAU] *** SPAM *** [OT] Missing some LAU emails (initial messages)

Edgar Aichinger edogawa at aon.at
Tue Apr 19 10:46:15 CEST 2022

Am Dienstag, 19. April 2022, 10:08:51 CEST schrieb Lorenzo Sutton:
> Not sure if this is something only on my end, but I seem to have missed 
> some recent 'initial' message threads from LAU such as "New Software: 
> Tembro, All-in-one instrument (Sampler or Rompler)" [0], "[music] Pick 
> me up" [1], "Lost soundfont" [2]
> Interestingly I did then correctly receive thread responses to these. I 
> did check my spam and no trace in there (and LAU is in theory 
> whitelisted since a while).
> I'm wondering if this might be some setting on my side (including ML 
> settings, although I didn't change anything recently), some gmail quirk? 
> I use Thunderbird as a client but I don't think that is relevant (or is it)?
> Any tip or help appreciated :-)
I see the same or similar symptoms, using KMail here.

I did get the Tembro announcement, but not Fons' first answer to that, yet all the rest of the thread arrived.

Since a month or more my spam filters seem to overreact on several mailing list mails, mostly LAU and ardour-cvs commit messages but also some from the various opensuse lists I'm on.

I've whitelisted all of them for spamassassin but still a lot of seemingly random mails are marked spam and get filtered out. 

Additionally I recently got excluded from both ardour-cvs and LAU temporarily, due to massive mail bouncing on my side.

I had to reenable membership manually for both of them, and I have no clue why that happens and how to fix that on my end.

I do see an increasing amount of other SPAM arriving here, lately, so that might be related?

Being pretty clueless I'd also be grateful for any hint on what to do to address this.

Thanks, Edgar
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