[LAU] [OT] Missing some LAU emails (initial messages)

Sam Kuper sampablokuper at posteo.net
Wed Apr 20 21:37:26 CEST 2022

On Wed, Apr 20, 2022 at 06:26:38PM +0200, Lorenzo Sutton wrote:
> Jeremy Jongepier - Tue Apr 19 11:42:12 CEST 2022
>> On 19-04-2022 10:08, Lorenzo Sutton wrote:
>>> Not sure if this is something only on my end, but I seem to have
>>> missed some recent 'initial' message threads from LAU such as "New
>>> Software: Tembro, All-in-one instrument (Sampler or Rompler)" [0],
>>> "[music] Pick me up" [1], "Lost soundfont" [2]
>>> Interestingly I did then correctly receive thread responses to
>>> these. I did check my spam and no trace in there (and LAU is in
>>> theory whitelisted since a while).
>>> I'm wondering if this might be some setting on my side (including
>>> ML settings, although I didn't change anything recently), some
>>> gmail quirk? I use Thunderbird as a client but I don't think that
>>> is relevant (or is it)?
>>> Any tip or help appreciated :-)
>> Thanks for bringing this up. I double checked the DNS records and
>> added specific SPF and DMARC records for lists.linuxaudio.org, those
>> were missing. Hope Google is happy now.
> Unfortunately I'm still facing issues, in fact I didn't get any of the
> replies in this same thread (I pasted this message from the online
> archive after checking as no emails were coming).
> Anything I could try on my end?

Try logging in to the Gmail web interface, and check:

- Does the Gmail web interface show the same emails in your inbox as
  Thunderbird shows you?

- Ditto for spam/junk/trash?

- Ditto for any other relevant folders/tags?

- Have you set (and perhaps forgotten about) any Gmail filters that
  might be relevant?

- Gmail's recommended IMAP2 (or POP3, if you are using that)
  configuration: confirm that this is what your Thunderbird instance is

Also check:

- Is your Thunderbird up to date?  Does the version you are running have
  any known bugs causing mail to be lost/hiddden?

- Do you have any plugins/settings in Thunderbird that could be causing
  the issue?

- Is your Thunderbird mailstore on a healthy filesystem on a healthy

Hopefully these checks will locate the issue.

In the long run, the sensible solution would probably be to move away
from dubious proprietary email providers like Gmail (and Microsoft, etc)
to someone a bit more trustworthy, like Posteo.de or RiseUp or (if you
want to use your own domain) perhaps Migadu.com or Mailbox.org .


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