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Bill Purvis bill at billp.org
Tue Feb 1 10:34:41 CET 2022

On 01/02/2022 07:07, ORL wrote:
> Le 31/01/2022 à 22:57, Bill Purvis a écrit :
>> On 31/01/2022 20:38, ORL wrote:
>> I have a wide selection from the Yoshimi collections, but mostly use the
>> 'Fretless Bass' modified so that holds the note indefinitely as long 
>> as my
>> finger is on the frets. No claim to being a real bass player, but it 
>> suits me!
>> Bill
> Are you telling that you found a suitable plug to convert audio to 
> MIDI notes and drive soft synths with your bass? Cause I never found 
> one which might work with sufficient low-latency and enough accuracy.
No, the Artiphon is basically a midi keyboard, but with a fretboard 
instead of keys.
I'd recommend you look up their web pages, and video demos. You can 
'play' it in various
modes - there's a row of little finger that you do finger-picking on 
while chording on
the fretboard, or use it a a drum-pad. It's pretty versatile! I have it 
set up to play
when you tap on the fretboard, which means I can play one-handed - using 
the other hand
to hold the instrument.

If you want more info, google 'Artiphon'.

(who has no connection with the company other than happy owner of one of 
their devices.)

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