[LAU] Laborejo feature release 2.1.0, patch releases: Tembro (0.5.1) and Fluajho (1.7.3)

Laborejo Software Suite info at laborejo.org
Thu Jul 14 20:34:40 CEST 2022

Ladies and Gentlemen,

hereby the Laborejo Software Suite releases updates for its programs in
the hope to be useful in your musical toolbox.

You can now download Laborejo 2.1.0, Tembro 0.5.1 and Fluajho 1.7.3
The programs require a new version of our library, libcalfbox-lss-1.1.0 which is now also released.



Laborejo (Esperanto: Workshop) is a MIDI sequencer based on classical
music notation. Its main purpose is to compose and produce "traditional" music,
such as instrumental pieces, soundtracks and other music normally played
back by samplers. Working in Laborejo is very fast and efficient by using
a combination of midi input and typing.

Tembro (which is Esperanto for musical "Timbre") is a virtual software
instrument based on samples. All instruments are permanently built-in.

All projects and all users have the same setup, ideal for communication
and collaboration.

Fluajho (with jh as in pleasure) means fluid in Esperanto. It is a simple
sf2 soundfont host/player for Linux. Behind the scenes the Fluidsynth

library is at work, hence the name.

Changelog Highlights:
[All] Turn off auto connecting the audio ports. Replace with default-off menu setting to do so.
* New function: custom key signature for any combination.
* Add area in the GUI to set initial key signature, metrical instructions and clefs, accessed through the track editor
* Add two new functions to paste directly transposed (modal and real transposition)
* Add function to duplicate more often than once.
* When not in F4-StepInput Mode use midi keyboard as pitch-cursor.
* Add midi-in selector drop down, as seen in Tembro and Fluajho.
* Add new widget that shows the current track as list of text items for easier navigation and overview
* Rewrite grid, which was a performance drag in the past.
* Add functions to move block to start or end of track.

* Scroll view when dragging blocks and tracks with the mouse.
* Block name font color is now always readable, no matter the background color
* Shift+Up and Down will now select the current chord.
* Add 3/2 to metrical instruction.
* Add custom Multimeasure-Rest submenu and menu command.
* Add multiplication buttons to the tick widget.
* Autosave when exporting Lilypond .ly or PDF.
* Command to quickly add text below or above a staff.
* Allow menu commands in CC and Block view: PDF, .ly export, metadata edit, zoom.
* Add buttons to create 1/10 new tracks to Track Editor.
* Add information label with order of blocks to Track Editor.
* Fix lilypond tempo export. Also add option to Lilypond Properties to not print metronome markings.
* Optional text description for tempo items like "allegro"
* Add Slurs to Lilypond output.
* Add Staccato and Tenuto to Lilypond output.
* Dynamic signatures and ramps are now output to Lilypond as well
* Cleaner .ly export with more line breaks, comments and using more default ly instructions when available, instead of our custom generic-purpose scripts.
* Settings menu to autoconnect metronome audio ports to system on startup. Default off.
* Metronome audio outputs now use real metronome name, not only pretty name
* Use lilypond title as jack pretty client name, if provided (needs libcalfbox-lss 1.1.0)
* Add preview image to Lilypond properties and metadata
* More information about the cursor and position in the status bar
* Fix all drawn items to properly work with high zoom-out levels. Side effect: slightly better performance.
* Better alignment for all drawn items.
* Fix temporary tempo item creation crash, also don't export them to lilypond anymore.
* Fix drawing of ties and staccato dots.
* Fix ledger lines of added chord notes
* Fix cursor jumping around on track change if you start near a metrical signature
* Fix double saving of the score and quadruple saving of each track! :/
* Update German translation.

You can find all releases as sources here. 

You also need our own library:
which has download and build instructions in it's readme.

Also check your distribution for packages in a few days after this announcement, please.

For more information, a multi-language user manual, build instructions
and git access please visit

https://www.laborejo.org/laborejo/ https://www.laborejo.org/patroneo/ 

https://www.laborejo.org/tembro/ https://www.laborejo.org/patroneo/ 

Laborejo Software Suite
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