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Hi Jeanette,

Ok, a whole album in one song. Only someone who is not afraid of running out of ideas can allow herself something like that;-) 
I find the drums very nicely polished, especially the work with the hihat and cymbals. There are many little fills/modulations/additions to discover.
I really like the solo sound from 3:10 (I think it can be heard a bit further in the background before). It reminds me of a muted trumpet. The arabic-inspired melody line is also nice.
However, I would have made the mix a little denser to give the quite complex structure more cohesion. 
Oh and: beautiful vocals!


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9. Oktober 2022 12:21, "Jeanette C." <julien at mail.upb.de> schrieb:

> Hey hey,
> this is the latest song, inheriting from many genres, a little pop, funk, 
> something Arabesque, something Tropical and something Asian (Japanese):
> https://youtu.be/1R3ROM1zI_4
> OGG version:
> https://www.dropbox.com/s/5bqgwpsrpi36s39/papaya.ogg
> (Lyrics at the end of this message)
> Instruments: Yoshimi (choir pad, bell, e-piano and clave), drumgizmo (with the 
> Aasmonster2 kit), LinuxSampler (AVL Tabla, bass, Mellotron strings, guitars), 
> Csound (guiro and FX cymbals). In hardware: Waldorf Microwave Xt (electronic
> bass), Behringer Neutron (brass lead and hard kick), RD-8 (808 
> drums/percussion). I think that's it.
> Thaks to autotalent for supporting my mediocre efforts in the verses. :)
> This song for once tells two small stories/episodes. It's about realising what 
> is there and making the best of it.
> Best wishes,
> Jeanette
> *** Lyrics ***
> On a rainy day,
> She ducks into a bookstore.
> Out of courtesy
> She buys a book on Ewe folklore.
> Next thing you know
> She's gonna go
> And learn the lingo.
> Not practical, but logical (who cares)
> She's on sabbatical.
> Eight years later she's mistress of the kidi
> She's found her home in the band.
> -
> Give that girl a big banana,
> 'Cause she sees what's in front of her eyes.
> If she sees a ripe papaya,
> She'll make her catch fresh from the skies.
> Tamsyn's heart is broken,
> All relationships just die.
> Even sweet and lovely Daniel
> Couldn't make her bounce and fly.
> She still went to that club tonight
> To dance the pain away.
> And there she found that smile so bright,
> Now Lisa's here to stay.
> -
> Give that girl a big banana,
> 'Cause she sees what's in front of her eyes.
> If she sees a ripe papaya,
> She'll make her catch fresh from the skies.
> *** END ***
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