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Jeanette C. julien at mail.upb.de
Mon Oct 10 14:05:06 CEST 2022

Thanks for the clarification. I know that I am on the timid side when it comes 
to overall compression. I haven't yet found the plugin and settings for that 
subtle saturation that glues, polishes, but doesn't destroy or overly colour. 
I'll take that as motivation to create a test session dedicated to finding 
that and honing in on the details.

Best wishes and thanks again,


Oct 10 2022, Holger Dehnhardt has written:

> Hi Jeanette,
>> ...
>>> However, I would have made the mix a little denser to give the quite complex structure more
>>> cohesion.
>> In which way do you mean? More instruments (perhaps pads and simple
>> chord instruments) or a different balance between the sounds that are
>> there?
> Of course not more instruments. I was thinking more of making everything sound more 'In a room'.
> A common reverb for some of the tracks or some (more?) compression on the master bus. Sometimes I also find that some slight saturation brings the glue effect.
> But: This is of course a matter of taste.
> Holger
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