[LAU] LADSPA saturation plugin for slight colouration

Holger Dehnhardt holger at dehnhardt.org
Sun Oct 23 13:28:01 CEST 2022

Compressor is good and and use it in parallel, so you can easily adjust how much of saturation you like to add. So you can even add an EQ before or after to filter out unwanted / bad sounding frequencies.
"Tim Goetze" tim at quitte.de – 23. Oktober 2022 09:58
> [Jeanette C.]
> > I'm looking for a LADSPA plugin that can add some slight colouration for the 
> > bright modern pop sound. So far I found the CAPS Saturation plugin (ID 1771), 
> > which I have used, but is rather heavy handed. There's the Valve Saturation 
> > (ID 1209), which I also think is a strong effect. I haven't had any experience 
> > with the Invada saturation nor the CAPS compressor/saturating limiter.
> i'm not quite sure what the sound is you're looking for but i think
> you want a combination of a compressor feeding a *very* gentle
> overdrive. 
> i haven't used #1771 in a while but i think that as with steve's #1209
> you need to keep the gain/drive at an absolute minimum, just allow the
> compressor attack overshoot to add some harmonics.
> the caps compressor/limiter is probably not capable of producing the
> clear timbre i would associate with bright modern pop.
> cheers, tim
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