[LAU] MIDI monitor on Ubuntu Studio 20.04

Christopher Arndt chris at chrisarndt.de
Thu Jan 26 19:27:12 CET 2023

Am 26.01.23 um 18:18 schrieb Brian Hagen:
>      I have searched for other app to use, and not found anything 
> useful.

For monitoring MIDI events, I just run 'aseqdump' in a terminal. In a 
DAW or in Carla I use the 'Sherlock MIDI Inspector' [1] plugin 
(ready-to.use binaries available on the website). If I want to filter 
certain MIDI messages before the MIDI monitor, I use appropriate plugins 
from the x42 'midifilter.lv2' collection [2], e.g. the Event or the 
Channel Filter, or some from my own 'MIDI-o-matic' collection [3].

Hth, Chris

[1] https://open-music-kontrollers.ch/lv2/sherlock/#midi_inspector
[2] https://x42-plugins.com/x42/x42-midifilter#eventblocker
[3] https://github.com/SpotlightKid/midiomatic

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