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On Mon, Dec 10, 2012 at 1:51 PM, Martin T <> wrote:

I would like to buy high-quality sound card for my laptop. There are
no other requirements besides quality audio output, ExpressCard 34 or
54 form-factor and single 3.5mm TRS jack socket. Has anyone tested
Echo "Indigo IOx ExpressCard" sound card under Linux(I mainly use
Debian or Debian-based distributions)? According to indigoiox.c C
source file in ALSA source tarball, Echo "Indigo IOx ExpressCard"
seems to be supported. Any practical experience with this particular
sound card under Linux? In addition, what sort of improvement I should
expect compared to Intel Corporation N10/ICH 7 Family High Definition
Audio Controller? Or should I prefer some other high-quality sound
card for ExpressCard slot?

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